Community Art and Wellbeing

Jeanette works for a variety of health care providers, charities and arts organisations offering therapeutic art sessions, which are always popular and well attended..
Longer community projects have been supported by Arts Council England, The Courtyard, Arts Connection and community grants to enable projects including; art based projects in hospitals,for housing organisations, Alzheimers Society, Ledbury Poetry Festival and many other groups.
There is a wealth of research and anecdotal evidence of the positive impact that arts has on people with dementia, chronic illnesses and neurological disorders. Not being able to express yourself when you become unwell, can induce frustration, fear, anxiety, unhappiness, loneliness, confusion and make you gradually shut down. The process of engagement relies on assessing, not assumption, gentle coaxing, support, humour and kindness.
Engagement with the arts improves health and wellbeing, supports communication, helps re-skill those whose skills have been stripped, and can help raise self –esteem and above all it is enjoyable.
As communication is a two way thing, arts practitioners can learn from and being enriched by those who we work with, and with time will open up a way for all of us to be better communicators.
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Harling Court Evergreens-Mural January 2013

Bird - made by 25 older people Herefordshire Housing

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